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Exterior teak wood patio furniture, washed, cleaned and restored before and after photos.

Here's some Information you should know, outdoor patio furniture especially those made of teak and other fine hardwoods are durable but still have to be cleaned maintained and protected. We clean, wash, seal, protect and condition fine exterior wood furniture, here on Long Island NY. Many of our clients have discovered we not only do an excellent job at revitalizing, restoring decks, we do a fine job on exterior furniture as well. Only one season after bringing your fine Frontgate furniture home, the question on everyone's lips is how to maintain my exterior furniture? The use of the proper ecofreindly chemicals and exacting techniques are necessary when attempting to clean exterior deck or patio furniture. We sometimes enlist the mechanical ability of a power washing to clean your Chairs & Recliners, Tables & Side Tables, Gliders & Rockers, Chaise and Sun Lounges, Benches, etc.  but you must be careful to use the right tip/nozzle, along with the right amount of pressure, to do otherwise can wreak havoc on your furniture. Our wood treatment expertise have derived from many years of executing, perfecting, and learning how to clean, wash, tone, condition, seal and protect exterior wood of all types. Our services includes the modifying and beautifying of fences, gazebo, porticos, hi rise and on ground decks, cedar shakes, clapboard, T1-11, Ipe docks, pressure treated, redwood, and pretty much any other type wood you can think of.  We meticulously deoxidize the wood fibers to rid it of the dirty grey patina that occurs to furniture that has expose to the elements over time. After making sure the furniture is cleaned to satisfaction and proper drying time, we then can apply a wood sealer, tinted or untainted to protect, and restore your furniture to its former glory. During our cleaning process usually some of the woods naturals oils from the very top layer are we removed along with the dirt, contaminants, and old burnt, dead wood fibers that has been cause by the sun's UVs. We do not recommend using "teak oil" unless you are planning on maintaining this ritual season after season because you will teach your wood fibers to be dependent on it. If you were to commit to maintaining your outdoor furniture after cleaning and the natural weather look is not for you, I suggest you use a neutral oil, like tung oil. When you are not sure of an preferable outcome, always start your modifications in an inconspicuous spot and only if you like the results continue on from there. Here's another tip: when considering staining, sealing, decks, siding, and other exterior wood, the best time to do it is during fall and early winter sometimes as far into the season as December depending if the weather patterns can provide at least 50 °F ambient temperature for at least fours that day.

Friday, December 30, 2011

We make concrete cleaning look easy.

The Stoop 2010 from Power washing Dragon on Vimeo.

   Power Washing Dragon and Painting 631-780-4737, a, Long Island power washing, Long Island Painting and property improvement company. "The Stoop 2010" is a video that offers a quick demo on how we conduct concrete cleaning, exterior painting on long Island and it also serves as a cool commercial for our company. Watch this, how to clean concrete and paint metal railings demonstration, by Power washing and Dragon and Painting. We provide tips and a basic work flow on how to start and finish a small front entrance beautification project. This video was shot on location in Ronkonkoma Long Island NY. See how we tie together our two core services, Power washing and Painting, in this short video, to produce superior results that our client can admire and appreciate for years to come. We at PDP. don't clean, paint, repair just for today, but we protect, preserve, beautify for tomorrow. This short video chronicles how we beautify a house's front entrance way by power washing the concrete stoop and by restoring, then painting its metal railing. We provide: Awning washing, No Pressure Soft Wash Roof Cleaning, Concrete Driveway, Patio and sidewalk, Exterior Building Restoration and Preservation, Hot Water Concrete, Pavers, bricks and fences made squeaky clean. We perform Cement Cleaning and gum removal, Storefronts, Lots, Parking Garages, Drive-Thru Lanes, Dumpster Pads, Graffiti Removal,Vandalism preventative coatings and much more.

Services employed in this video:

Dragon's Tail wash -thorough power washing of ground, flat work:
masonry, slate, concrete, brick, walkways, patios, stoops, interlock, and
or paves, swimming pools, etc. as per contract )and cleaned with EPA
approved chemicals, mold and mildew fungicide, hand scrub where necessary as
per scope / can include special chemicals for graffiti and or paint
removal, We will Protect Plants, Flowers, Shrubs, trees near and around
Property. Power wash Stoop and brief walk way.

Dragon's back exterior painting excellence- Paint work work will include
but not limited to all prep caulking, scraping, sanding, patching, nail
hole fill, special primer where necessary, prime and finish as per contact.
Metal railing will be sanding scraped painted with black oil, Rustoleum or
similar product.

We clean brighten, and sanitize, masonry, slate, concrete, brick, walkways, patios , stoops, interlock, and or paves, swimming pools, etc. as per contract. We also perform paint removal. We utilize green, bio-friendly soaps, fungicides, and the most advance and proficient techniques to deliver superior results unmatched by most our Long Island counterparts.

If you would like a free estimate you can call, shoot us an email at, or fill out our quick estimate request form right here on our website!

Concrete around pool restored.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Gutter truth / the turth about gutter cleaning

The Gutter truth.
This is a video about the real truth on how to clean gutters and get them to look like new.

Shot on location, power washing long island new york, Happauge, by Power washing Dragon and Painting 631-780-4737.

We try to answer these questions / FAQS: When should I clean my gutters ? How often should I have my gutters cleaned on long island? What are those black streaks on my gutters?, How can I get my gutters looking new?, I washed my gutters but they are still dirty, why?, How can I get those black streaks off my gutters?, Why is gutter cleaning important?, How come power washing can't take the streaks off? What are those black stains on gutters made of?

Gutter cleaning,
some companies include it in their house wash service but we don't. Not every structure that we wash have gutters or needs them cleaned. These companies do this by charging a higher price for their service. We rather give our clients the option of choosing the right services for them, this way they get only what they want and and pay for only what they don't need.

Please understand this, we just don't throw water and soap on your house and call it a day, We are Long Island property and house detailing specialists . We detail your property like some people have their cars detailed. If you care about how you property looks, as well as how it holds up, we are the company for you.

We power wash from the foundation to the gutters and everything in between but depending on how long ago the house or building was power washed and what contaminates are on it we might have to hand detail certain items so they can really get clean again. Most times, run off from roof tile and oxidation ( the black streaks you see) exhaust and road film can not be removed merely by simply power washing alone,.You could push 4000 psi 4gpm minute the streaks will not budge. Even with our soaps and powerful fungicides, items such as gutters, capping, windows sills, streak free windows, shutters and what ever else that seems to be the problem area/s unique to that house or building, sometimes needs some good old elbow grease.

Yes, some of the contaminants on the gutters may be dirt, mold, bird droppings and algae, but the majority of the, offending tiger striped, black streaks are from rain running over the asphalt shingles and dripping over the side of the gutter. The black streaks and dots are the result of electrostatic bonding of tar and asphalt runoff from roofing materials and other contaminants that attach themselves to Aluminum material: gutters downspouts, capping, etc. that seem impervious to just power washing alone can be removed by special chemicals and detailing procedures, which sometime require doing it by hand. Those black streaks are attached to the gutters electrostatically. The negatively charged ions from the roof runoff will stick to the positively charged ions of the gutters causing the hard to remove irregular lines. The process is called oxidation. These stains can not be removed by power washing alone and often removal requires hand scrubbing and strong chemical detailing to break the electrostatic bond

Some Science:

Yes, some of the contaminants on the gutters may be dirt, mold, bird droppings and algae, but the majority of the, offending tiger striped, black streaks are from rain running over the asphalt shingles and dripping over the side of the gutter. Those black streaks are attached to the gutters by an electrostatic charge. The negatively charged ions in the creosote of the shingles ( or tar paper under the shakes) will stick to the positively charged ions of the gutter causing the hard to remove irregular lines. The process is called oxidation. These stains can not be removed by power washing alone and often removal requires hand scrubbing and strong chemical detailing to break the electrostatic bond.

Why is gutter cleaning important?

If you think a few leaves, twigs, and pine cones in your gutter is safe, you need to rethink.

Clean gutters are the one most important thing to circumventing major and costly home repairs. Gutters perform one duty: controlling the rain runoff around your home. And if garbage keeps them from doing this task you will have problems, big problems.

Here are a host of problems you can avoid by keeping your gutters clean:
Leaking Basements, Shredded Foundations - (Excess water against the foundation wall).

Decaying Wood- Water backing up from clogged gutters will cause moisture damage to the wood fascia around the house.

Leaky roofs - In winter, ice-dams can form on top of clogged gutters. This can lead to major wall and ceiling damage.

Slippery Pavement - when water is not directed away properly and the temperature drops it can pose a tremendous tripping hazard.

Broken up Driveways Faulty water run off prematurely cracks and kill driveways.

Poor drainage will washout foliage , flowers , plants and bushes you planted around your property.

Wood Eating Insects, keeping the ground drier around you house as much as possible should be a concern, to do otherwise is an invitation to property destroying bugs.

Unfortunately, for gutters, roofs and property they protect, usually people procrastinate to clean them until there is a problem. The truth is that your gutters should be cleaned twice a year. You should have the gutters cleaned in early spring to free any left over ice and leaves, cones, twigs etc. that has accumulated during the winter. You should also do internal gutter cleaning late fall. This is the most crucial time to clean your gutters because you need to get rid of all the fallen leaves and trash that accumulated in your water collection system during fall before the freezing snows of winter begin to harm and stop up your gutters and downspouts.

The good news is we have different services to cover just about any property beautification need, just choose the ones you want. We offer Dragon's TLC, Tender Loving Care for your gutter - ( external gutter cleaning ) Clean & detail exterior of gutters / leaders/. hand scrub / brushed where necessary. If you choose the Gutter TLP- TOTAL package -Pkg. , that will include internal gutter cleaning by Hand and may include Hand cleaning of the capping, window sills, shutters, leaders, etc. as add-on items depending on what and how options are describe in the detail. These options will require a large amount of hand and ladder work (Depending on scope).

To call Andy of  Power washing Dragon and Painting Now! AT 631-780-4737  Click the "Call Me" icon, enter your name and number, and then click "Connect." Google will first call you at your number, then connect you with me for free. If you're using a cell phone, your normal use of cell plan minutes apply.

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Could delaying, on power washing, painting, property maintenance, cost me money?

Could delaying, on power washing, painting, property maintenance, cost me money?

Yes it certainly can. Let me explain how:

Power washing Dragon and Painting will attempt to answer these questions:

What is containment permeation ?

How often should you power wash on long Island ?

Could prolonging, delaying, holding off, on power washing, painting, property maintenance, cost me money?

You may be losing money on your investment and not know it!

For some reason some people think by putting off the inevitable that they are saving money. On the contrary, putting things off often is more costly then you think. You paid a lot of money buying a house, building a deck, putting in paved drive or walks ways, play sets, concrete patios, cedar shake and vinyl sidings, sheds, gazebos awnings, fencing PVC and wood alike. Believe it or not, all of these items eventually needs maintenance. Many people don't understand not keeping up with the regular maintenance on such items could cost you some cash. For only pennies on your investment dollar, you can keep all of these things looking new, sanitized and fresh, and increase the longevity of its existence. You May think you are saving by, lets say, power washing your house every five years, within a very short time contaminants can build up and permeation can occur and everyday the replacement cost of your investments increases, and eventually, if you don't maintain your property properly, it will have to be replaced.

All about containment permeation: some contaminants, after some time, can't come out. Time is not on your side. The more you delay, the more you may have to pay. Take mold on Aluminum or vinyl siding for example: The mold can actual find it's way into the powder coating of the aluminum and or bond with the molecules of the vinyl never to be eradicated. Once permeation occurs, you can never totally get the contaminants out of any surface no matter what chemicals are used . When it comes to cleaning / power washing and getting optimal results, permeation is enemy number one and should be prevented at all cost, and the cost you save may be your own.

It is good practice yearly to have a Beautification specialist survey your property for issues you may have that may be destructive. A knowledgeable Beautification specialist will be able identify problem areas and offer solutions and a treatment plan to bring your property back up to speed. On long island, one of our specialties is to restore and refinish decks and we mean total deck restoration and refinishing. You may need some power washing, staining, painting, deck repair, roof cleaning. One of the major enemies and main contributors to the destruction of some of your most valuable investments is algae, mold, and mildew. It is not just the unsightly , although horrendous, problem of slimy, grimy, black and green mildew, algae, mold spores climbing up the siding of your house making you and your neighbors cringe, its not the worst of possible scenarios.

Here is a picture of Aluminum siding on a house we power washed in Oyster Bay Long Island NY. To the owner's and our dismay the mold burned into its powder coating and could not be totally removed. Yes with 4000 psi we blasted off any topical contamination but the stuff that got embedded over time would not budge. We even broke out the scrub brushes and used every chemical in our arsenal and it didn't make a difference, the mold permeated the finish of the aluminum siding. We found out subsequently that the house has not been power washed in 20 years. This we agree is an extreme case, but still your siding, if you wait too long can not be 100% cleaned and the longer you wait the percentage of cleanliness goes down possibly to point of replacement, which can be quite pricey.

When should I power wash? A good rule of thumb and is highly recommended on Long Island, Power washing should be done at least every 12 to 20 months depending on location, and other factors. This is necessary to reduce cost and prevent any permanent damage from containment permeation.

You can see here what happens when you neglect to perform periodic maintenance on your decking

All exterior wood surfaces are susceptible to damage from rain, snow, and sunlight.
Wood left exposed to sun and moisture will soon quickly start to degrade. Leave your deck unprotected and you can expect it to turn Grey with age. What's more, the decking boards are likely to twist cup, warp and split. Ignore the problem for too long and you will have to make major repairs or even replace sections of the deck

Even wood that's has undergone pressure-treatment does not protect against weathering cycles of wetting and drying. These elements can cause wood to check, crack and splinter over time. In addition, ultra-violet rays from the sun can quickly devastate the top layer of wood cells, showing a gray, bleached out appearance.

To find out if your deck has been sealed before and if its still protected, use the old water test. What you are looking to see if it’s time to seal it again. sprinkle some water onto the boards. If the water beads, the wood is still sealed and protected. If the water is sucked into the wood, it’s time for it to be re-protected. Remember to test several different areas of the deck. High / foot -traffic spots are likely to wear down before edges and balusters, rails and spindles.

At Power Washing Dragon and Painting PDP., We believe, an educated prospective consumer is our best client.

Call now 631- 780-4737, for demo** and free estimates and quotes, book early, or

      We are, "Long Island's #1 grime Fighters". At Power Washing Dragon and Painting, PDP. We just don't hose your house down. You can do that yourself. We thoroughly clean all cleanable exterior surfaces. When necessary we use EPA Approved soaps, brighteners, and mold and mildew fungicides. We utilize state of the art equipment combine with the best and latest innovations and techniques to deliver a superior job faster thus saving you money. optimal results that cost us less to delver so we can afford to charge you less. All of this, makes us the best possible value around.

condensed list of
what we / paint / stain/ power wash respectively:
* Paint exteriors
* paint interiors
* Siding maintenance
* Cedar shakes
* ornamental bridges
* Gazebo
* Fence maintenance
* Paint stripping
* Graffiti removal
* Pavement and concrete
* Brick and block
* A/C coil maintenance
* Ranch maintenance
* Windows
* Logs
* Lawn furniture
* Clean steel
* Floor mats
* Boat
* Deck
* Patio
* Vet kennels
* Driveways
* Paint surface prep
* Semitrailers
* Pool maintenance
* Pier maintenance
* Gutters
* Bathrooms
* Green houses
* Dumpsters
* Monument/statues
* Grill
* Carts
* Canopy maintenance
* Elevator maintenance

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How to maintain your deck, to keep it looking beautiful, long after staining or sealing?


Here, Power washing Dragon and Painting™ will attempt to answer all these sometime similar, but very important questions about maintaining a Beautiful deck after it has been stain or sealed.

What's good for cleaning your deck after its been stained or sealed?

How to keep up with Deck care / Deck maintenance after staining?

How to keep your deck looking good in between staining?

How to keep the deck looking nice after staining?

how long do I have to wait to walk on my deck after it has been stained?

how soon/ long after my deck being stained can i use it?

When is the best time to stain my deck?

How to maintain your deck, to keep it looking beautiful, long after staining or sealing?

how to take care of my deck after staining?

Here are some tips:

First things first, On Long Island we specialize in deck cleaning, deck washing /power washing, deck cleaning and total deck restoration along with all phases of exterior and interior painting. Expert power washing then staining or sealing is what we do. Although we do a lot of power washing here on long Island, some people don't realize, we are certified Deck coating and Deck refinishing experts.  We take Deck and property rehabilitation seriously, deck rehab, wash, stain and refinish beginning to end.

I know you have been dying to make use of your decking, especially if it looks really good , Inviting isn't it?, do not get on it, yet!

In fact even though it may look dry , and may even appear dry to the touch, it is not. Stain needs time to cure, in many cases, 24 hrs after staining, it will be hard on the outside but soft in the middle, just like a lot of folks I know :) Wait at least 48 hours of good drying time in the sun for just normal light foot traffic, 72 or more to move any furniture and to begin full access to you own private little oasis, just to be on the safe side.

Next, the best way to keeping your deck clean is not getting dirty in the first place, but no really, reality says you will have the occasional thrill and spill, and natural elements always does their part to contribute to delinquency of many a deck, but the trick is, to be prepared and stay on top of it.

No question, Long Island, We clean decks!

How to clean:
Just use regular liquid dish soap and water. The deck cleaners are often too harsh. Dawn is the best. You can keep a mix in a spray bottle or bug sprayer for larger applications, if necessary have a soft bristle brush, perhaps attached to a broom stick for convenience, to slightly agitate . Be sure, before using this technique, that the stain/ sealer had time to cure properly. Check with your products specs. also take caution and test on an inconspicuous spot on your deck and check for color steadfastness to see if the finish / color is being disturbed or changed.

For trying to keep mold and mildew at bay, just using a 50/50 mix of bleach and water should do the trick.

For three or four years you may be able to get away with just clean and topcoat. You will probably only have to do verticals once every 2-3 years. The stain will get a little darker each season. Keep it free of mold and you will get longer life.

After top coating 3 times or more you may want to power wash/ strip the wood and begin from scratch. To do the whole process, which is quite an undertaking you may want retain the services of a qualified power washing and staining expert.

General info: the best time to stain your deck is spring and fall. If you have to do it during the hottest part of the summer you must schedule your work around the intense heat and direct light of the sun, not doing so can reap havoc on a deck that other wise may have come out perfect. Hot, direct, sun can burn the stain into the deck , leaving vicious lap marks if your not careful and having the stain dry to soon before it has a chance to penetrate properly defeating the purpose of protective stain in the first place. Please plan strategically.

If your on deck conditions are extreme, dogs, Barbecues, pool water/use, you may want / need to re-stain at least your horizontals yearly -usually just what receives the foot and sometimes hand traffic or whatever you see taking a heavy beating. Other wise your deck should remain beautiful for at least 3 years, especially if previously coated with a solid stain.

Be aware of a deck's mortal enemies: anything that sits on you deck too long without being moved or rotated, flower pots or planters-(please put on wheels, or at least blocks), grills , lawn furniture, garbage bins, mats , outdoor rugs, buckets, metal containers of any sort and anything that can rust should be banned , snow, wet leaves, mold and mildew etc., should be removed immediately. In the case of snow, if you decide you should shovel, use one with a plastic edge, so to to be careful and not scratch up your deck. Never drag anything across your deck, if you can't pick it by yourself, get some help.

I would go as far as to say, do not sit the grill on the deck at all, they are always leaking and the heat factor is not the best for most coatings, and never have it near any vinyl siding. If you do like to grill on deck, use some kind of outdoor flame retardant rug underneath or oversize welcome home mat , they have ones that simulate grass, but this too should be moved at least weekly or after heavy rains. You don't wanna trap any moisture under anything on your deck, unexposed sitting water can be quite destructive!

    We recommend and are expert applicators of Benjamin Moore's Arborcoat optimal waterborne technology that we used many times with fantastic success.  Not many perform better on decks then Arborcoat solid or semisolid.

We also Like Sherwin Williams Woodscapes, Deckscapes and Sikkens product lines

See for your self what the Dragon and this new technology can do for you.
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VIDEO: about maintaining your deck  from Benjamin Moore or  Click Here

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           VIDEO: about how Arborcoat stands up to the elements from Benjamin Moore


         VIDEO:  here are some of the benefits of choosing Arborcoat over other brands

Learn to identify when your deck needs love.

Click here see more info about Power washing.

Cleaning decks Long Island NY
We clean decks with dexterity!

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Don't let your kids do this to your basement

Don't let your kids do this to your basement is a video made on location In Melville NY, by Power Washing Dragon and Painting- PDP. about a . Repaint of a basement and basement activity room: use special primer to cover graffiti composed of marker with permanent ink. we will Spackle, caulk, nail hole fill where ever necessary. Thanks to the owner's children. Here you see where the kids was allowed the run loose with permanent markers in hand . They tagged the walls with pictures of family members and girlfriends to their school class schedule. I never recommend this , it turns a relatively easy repaint into a project, resulting in a more expensive job a more exp cause multiple coats of special primers must be applied to insure no bleed through and good coverage.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

PDP, How we clean concrete.

Concrete Stoop Power Washing Video by Power Washing Dragon and Painting -PdP - Click here for more free videos

To call Andy of  Power washing Dragon and Painting Now! AT 631-780-4737  Click the "Call Me" icon, enter your name and number, and then click "Connect." Google will first call you at your number, then connect you with me for free. If you're using a cell phone, your normal use of cell plan minutes apply.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Seize the moment. The commonality of Life, Business, and Baseball.

Life throws you a lot of curve balls. You have to be able to identify an opportunity, be prepared in advance for a specific course action, and swing. Sometimes you must be able to switch up on the fly, swing for the fences or bunt to the in field. Seize the moment, what ever you do. That's how the best baseball players have to do it, and so do we. At Power washing Dragon and painting P.D.P.™ , the curve balls we've been thrown, are dirty, drab, raggedy and or unprotected properties and how do we get them looking their best is what the game is all about. At first, it was like stumbling around in the dark, we had to unlearn what we thought we knew, and relearn we we should have known all along.

They can't strike us out. Only experience, the determination to do the best job and to be the best in our field, led us to excellence . Now every day we strive, from minute one, to surpass or at least stay at the level of service we have been able to achieve.

Catch the ball. You can see opportunity coming, in-fact through due diligence, you can make it happen. Over the course of years, we have developed several different specially customized ways of power / pressure washing and painting. We honed and stuck with, only those techniques that gave us optimal results. The way we see it, every-time, we, our, website, ads , phone numbers, brochures, flyers , phone book listing, online listing, business cards, adsense, words and service gets in front of potential clients, we have a opportunity to put our best foot forward, do an awesome job, and gain a customer for life. Forgive me if i come off preachy, but this is something that I am passionate about. In doing business, after all this trial and error, I discovered, the most important key to seizing opportunities is PREPARATION. Hit a homer.

Aim to knock it out of the park, That way, even if you are a little short of your goals, you'll still be in the bleaches. I cant stress it enough. Not unlike the property beautification business, which i know very well. You have to be able to move with, swiftness, determination, and all the knowledge, plus skills you have acquired .This rings true in all successful industries. After only A short time in business, I was surprised to find, not everyone had this attitude. No wonder I have been able to make advances that companies who have been in business for many years have not even conceived.

Run, don't be stagnate. Stagnation is good for birthing mosquitoes, Not entrepreneurs. Don't be afraid to seek out new innovations, not gimmicks, that can help you delivery a better job faster. This approach, almost invariably, will bring in more clientèle, thus more money. To take this one step further, be creative. If you can, make, design, your own innovations. Which may be as simple as, creating you own customized proposals with item check boxes of things you do most often. That's what we did. To the more complex, you can self manufacture a machine to make your job a whole lot easier with existing technologies, or create new ones.

You got dirty, Power washing Dragon and painting P.D.P.™ can help.

serving the greater Long Island night and day Call 347-836-9737 or email

I hope this blog, like all rest I have written, was as helpful to you as it is to me. From time to time, I myself, read the blogs I have written to realign my thoughts , my actions, my goals, to manifest my goals conceived into my goals Achieved.
So thank you, very much. A.W.

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Power washing Long Island , "One property at a time".


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When is the "deal of the century", a losing proposition ?

First off. lets be honest. I, as well as most people, have made or make decisions based on price alone. Sometimes though, we inevitably find out, we get what we pay for. Lets take a scenario of having to buy paper towels. Most, more then likely, will go for the cheaper towel. Some of us understand, you pay cheap ,you get cheap, and the rest just don't care. With paper towels, whats the liability ? It falls apart after its first task , it absorbs less. you get one ply instead of two? In my experience, most people including me don't obsess over small ticket, easily termed generic items. But big tickets , brand and task specific items, are a whole other ball game. We read reviews, look at graphs, pull out charts, and make quantitative comparisons based on all kind of specifications. If its a service, we want references, methods of operation, Appropriate licenses, certification, and Insurances.

We make mistakes . Sometimes what seems to be a simple and generic task, involves and can possibly endanger, jeopardize, human safety and or very specific and expensive possessions. Like our homes buildings, property, of which protection of such items are more complex than we first thought.

We can not choose by price alone all the time, doing so is a losing proposition. Let's Take a power washing job, a subject I know very well.

Power washing on long Island NY, how much does it cost?
A home owner may ask , "hey $500 is too much" to clean a center-hall colonial house. I can a do it myself or I can rent a power washer for $50 and hire someone for $150 a day and have them do it.

On paper this may seem feasible , but wait, is it really?. Well maybe, if you are a high risk gambler and like to bet against the odds. It works in the movies, but lets see how things fair in real life. The chances are, who ever you hire at those rates is not a professional and may not know, head or tails of a power washing gun, or which tip to use 25 degrees 15, 0 . How to start a power washer , without causing damage or injury. The many different techniques of power washing for many different sidings. How about decks? Cleaning decks and wood work is a science by itself. Did you know, once you power wash wood you must protect it to retain any benefits of the cleaning?. Any longer then two and three weeks, your wood could begin to look more worst then it did before the cleaning. Can you afford or have access to a 28 to 32 ft. extension ladder. What about proper ladder safety and handling, avoiding power lines and other electrical hazards is critical. What is the proper pressure to use for the task at hand, what needs to be protected and how to protect things around the property that my be effected adversely by the power washing- shrubs, flowers , trees, decks, railings, grass ,windows, doors, screens, or any opening . whats the protocol. Lets not talk chemicals. Which are EPA approved?. Which to use on what, how and if some can be mixed for which result-brighteners, fungicides, soaps. The best way to apply, where and for how long can you allow the chemicals to sit-dwell time?. How you must protect what may be damaged by over sprayed chemicals. What about hoses, high pressure and low water. How many needed, whats the cost?. Do you have adequate available water supply?, and how to set up, to best accommodate job at hand. How about, do you have the proper o-rings, washers and connections to prevent leaks and possible damage ?. Scrub brushes, which are the best to use and how, when, why, and where they should be used?. Head spinning yet? It should be. Power washing is as serious an occupation as landscaping and kitchen remodeling. Especially after factoring in all the steps, knowledge and techniques needed to produce satisfactory results. Not as expensive, but just as important all the same.

Seems daunting?, you are not alone. When you really think about it, there is nothing simple or generic about getting a good power washing job done correctly. Doing it without injury or escalating cost, insuring possibly your biggest and greatest investment stays intact and getting the exact results you wanted. Being able to own total satisfaction guaranteed and having a competent, knowledgeable, professional doing this service for you, leaving you worry free . How much would you pay for that?. Long islanders will get there Kitchen Remodeled , Bathroom Remodeled, and Landscaping too. But how about the power washing?. Nothing mars the beauty of a home more then the garish sight of green and slimy mold growing up the side of one your most valued possessions. For only a few cents on their remodeling dollar you can restore your home's luster and sex appeal. Bring back the love that made you buy your home in the first place.

To sum it all up, Power washing is as serious trade as any other profession. Done right you can get some Amazing and lasting results that will leave you smiling; Done wrong, it can cost you more money than you bargained for. It can be hazardous to your health or cause injury to you as well as others, cause damage to your property , foliage, tress, and shrubbery, or in the least, leave you unhappy and unsatisfied. I'm sure by now, you can plainly see how, that the deal of the century can easily turn into a most losing proposition. I have found, by polling different resources, researching other area companies, the cost to power wash, lets say an average home on long island, can range anywhere from $250 to $600 and upwards. The cost hinges on many variables like, size, how many stories up, location, degree and type of contamination, the type of siding and what options you choose: windows, gutters -inside and out, detail and scrubbing of the capping,shutters and soffits etc. These and other intricacies make pricing for each job quite unique. Even exact homes on the same block may have different needs. That's why often time A trained professional must come out to the property to consult with the owner/caretaker to discuss the scope of the job and the many options they may have. Anyone telling you they can estimate over the phone should be a red flag, excluding ballpark figures, may indicate that someone does not know what they are doing or a scam is about to proceed. Say no to, low at first, mysterious, pie is sky pricing, that is forever changing, pulling on your purse strings / tearing the lining out of your wallet, with suddenly appearing fees and cost!

What you should look for is someone who, is knowledgeable, courteous and patient enough to answer questions, will provide a detailed proposal that explains scope, detail, and their transparent pricing policy. You want to see the cost broken down so you can see exactly where your money is being spent and then you can have more leeway to decide which options you want and how your property gets clean, keeping inline with your wishes and budget.

Power Washing Dragon and Painting -PDP. "The Difference is Here."™


Dragon's Ultra wash-Our premium structure power wash: we offer No, soft and high pressure washing depending on existing surface conditions , the entire standing structure (Depending on scope) will be thoroughly power washed (and stripped if applicable according to scope) and cleaned with EPA approved chemicals, mold and mildew fungicide, hand scrub where necessary/ can include special chemicals for graffiti and or paint removal, We will Protect Plants, Flowers, Shrubs, trees near and around Property.

Dragon's scale, Ultra shield-A Multi-Surface Algae & Mold Stain Barrier with Tetraflex 50-This is a chemical that is sprayed on after a thorough power washing. It is an invisible molecular barrier that is the ultimate protection against the reappearance of mold, mildew, algae and debris on any surface for up to double your usually cleaning intervals. Guaranteed to keep your house looking cleaner longer.

For masonry surfaces we also offer a sealer / protector to help protect surfaces against unwanted painting or graffiti vandalism to make any reoccurrence of such each action less damaging and much more easier to remedy and therefore less expensive and help prevent the absorption of water.

Dragon's EZ Care Wood Deck, fence, furniture wash-Our premium wood, decking and fencing, wash. (stripping when applicable) wood planking, railing, steps, lattice, arbor, trellis, furniture, and all other composing wood components, where applicable (Depending on scope), will be power washed and cleaned with EPA approved, soaps, Wood conditioners Brighteners and strippers, mold and mildew fungicide. We will brush scrub where necessary. We will Protect Plants, Flowers, Shrubs, trees near and around property from chemical over spray. (clean patio furniture)

Dragon's magic seal / stain / on fences, decking, concrete, siding or light painting on decking and fences, with clients choice of product this can include deck, siding, Fencing, furniture, swing / play sets, or any wood staining application as contracted

Dragon's TLC, Tender Loving Care for your gutter-(external gutter cleaning) Clean & detail exterior of gutters / leaders hand scrub and brushed where necessary. If you choose the Gutter TLP.- Total package, that will include internal gutter cleaning by Hand and may include Hand cleaning of the capping, window sills, shutters, leaders, etc, as add-on items depending on what and how options are describe in the detail. This require a large amount of hand and ladder work (Depending on scope).

Dragon's Tail wash - The ultimate power washing for ground work: masonry, slate, concrete, brick, walkways, patios, stoops, interlock, and or paves, swimming pools, etc. according to contract.

Dragon's PVC Ultra Wash-the ultimate for power washing PVC fencing and all other PVC compositions. we are Experts at cleaning fences on long island. We will thoroughly power washed (and stripped if applicable according to scope) and cleaned with EPA approved chemicals, mold and mildew fungicide, hand scrub where necessary according to scope / can include special chemicals for graffiti and or paint removal, We will Protect Plants, Flowers, Shrubs, trees near and around Property.

Dragon's flame, exterior or interior spray paint job: scrape, prime, paint, and caulk where necessary (Depending on scope).

Dragon's back exterior painting: Beautiful and protective exterior paint work which may include all prep caulking, scraping, sanding, patching, nail hole fill, special priming where necessary, prime and finish according to Scope and or detail.

Dragon's chest interior painting - Paint work can include but not limited to all prep work, covering, with drop cloths, painters plastic and or protective tape and paper where necessary, caulking, scraping, sanding, patching, tape and Spackle work, wall paper removal, nail hole fill, repair of hairline and stress cracks, popping nails, cracked out corner beads, skim coating all the way to level 5, special priming where necessary, prime and finish (Depending on scope).

Dragon's eyeglass Detail - clean exterior glass by hand with squeegee or pads depending on contract, will leave windows squeaky clean

Dragon's head shampoo: roof cleaning, we perform low or no pressure roof cleaning. We use the most effective, yet safest roof cleaning chemical employed (oxygen based or alkaline based depending on existing conditions) to get rid of those ugly black stains and on your roof, Algae, moss, lichen, mold, bird droppings, and other such contaminates.

Depending on the degree of contamination and the aggressiveness of the organism found on your roof We sometimes use Tri-Sodium Phosphate and Sodium Hypochlorite along with a specially formulated Enzyme Detergent as a cleaning vehicle
We can also treat your roof as well with a specially developed-sustained time released long life Biocide and antimicrobial that will increase the longevity of a roof free of algae and moss contamination as much as one and half times the usually cleaning interval for your roof' and neighborhood.
All of these Chemicals are safe for your roof and guaranteed NOT to void your shingle warranty"

We set out and are fast becoming Long Island New York's premiere pressure / power washing company. Merchantcircle has already dubbed us as , " Long Island's #1 grime Fighters " and we work hard everyday to make this true.

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Power Washing Dragon and Painting -PDP. "The Difference is Here."™


Powerwashing Dragon and; Painting -PdP.


Power washing Dragon and Painting -PdP. Merchantcircle

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Power Washing Dragon brings sexy allure home to Long Island.

Sexy allure, nothing is more appealing to the eye as the look of your house after a good power washing. How do you feel after taking a relaxing bubble bath?. Pamper your self with the finest oils and lotion, then spritz on your favorite body spray or cologne. Then you get dress to impress, and boy, do you look clean!. You feel sexy and you look sexy. Why should your feelings about your home be any different ? Power washing dragon can deliver that look that made you fall in love with your house when you first seen it. If you lost that loving feeling, PDP. can help you get it back. We are Long Island's number one grime fighters, Specializing in cleaning all exterior surfaces, equipped with the most modern equipment and most effective techniques. Thats right, cleanliness is sexy and its allure is most definitely attractive. See if your neighbors wont notice the difference. Regardless if its your home or building , when it looks good, you look good, that makes you feel good and thats sexy. We all heard when we feel good about our lives , our homes , ourselves, it shows. You will notice that the people around you tend to be more happier. Your whole day has a positive spin. This sets off a chain reaction. I know it seems like im being over dramatic, but the point is, even if you did not love your home before, after that little green dragon gets finish with it , at minimum , you will like it much, much, better. We guarantee it.

Power Washing Dragon and Painting PDP.

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Powerwashing Dragon and; Painting -PdP.


Power washing Dragon and Painting -PdP. Merchantcircle

PDP Activerain

or you can just google© us